SFW THE GYM - Interview with India News

Why sfw the gym is the right Gym for you?

We, at SFW the Gym have been on a mission to transform the citizens of Ahmedabad into their fittest and healthiest selves, since the past 5 years.

SFW the Gym offers a unique gym and fitness club in almost all the areas of Ahmedabad where all our patrons are warmly welcomed.

We, at SFW the Gym are known for one fundamental virtue: our excellence, passion and true understanding of Sports and Fitness.

In order to bring out true transformational change in our members in terms of their fitness and health, we make sure that we talk to each member every single day.

We inquire about their goals, tweak their fitness plans accordingly and provide guidance on how to move forward to bring out the changes that they seek.

We, at SFW the Gym also have a team of highly trained and knowledgeable trainers who make sure that the members achieve their health and fitness goals, and, assist our members in their fitness journey.

SFW the Gym offers a wide variety of workout plans and alternatives as well as the latest machines and equipment to suit the personality and lifestyle of all our patrons. We also offer varied range of membership plans to suit people of every walk of life.

We, at SFW the Gym are not only proud of our mentorship for fitness, but we take pride in changing the lives of our patrons. Though all are of different ages and body types, they have the same aspirations and passions to be fit and healthy. We are proud to be a part of their long-lasting fitness journey.

The only way to know our commitment towards health and fitness is by experiencing it first-hand on the gym floor! Come,


join us and take a step towards winning your quest of a healthy and fit lifestyle.

We know that working out in the gym is only half the battle won. The other half depends on the food you eat.

Knowing this, we have come up with a new venture- Zuggu.

We strive on providing food that is healthy, full of good nutrients and as safe as your home cooked meals.A lot of emphasis is given on quality checks and providing the best quality food.

With Zuggu, we are proud to be contributing to the employment of many along with advancing people in their pursuit of good health.

With your continued love and support, we aim to establish about 100 franchise of Zuggu and even venture into exporting!

We, at SFW the Gym and Zuggu, would like to thank you for trusting us with your health and letting us be a part of your expedition towards and healthier and fitter you!

SFW The Gym – Interview with India News

Most of the times, fitness and health takes a backseat when life becomes hectic and keeps us on our toes. Mr. Manoj Rajput, dubbed the incomparable king of the fitness industry, and the founder of SFW The Gym & Zuggu, had an exclusive interview with India News and gave tips on how to incorporate simple fitness regimes into their day to day lives.

how the idea struck to establish SFW The Gym?

he said that it was inspired by his aspirations to get into Defense. Since that had always been his aspiration, he knew and understood the importance of health and fitness. He also quickly realized that the Gyms are mostly targeted towards the affluent and did nothing to meet the fitness requirements of the masses. Therefore, an idea of establishing a gym and fitness center that allows people from all classes to attend to their fitness requirements without burning a hole in their pockets came to him. Following his passion for fitness, he founded SFW The Gym in 2014.

how he was ensuring that SFW The Gym was accessible to the patrons across all different income classes?

he explained that the Gym Membership fees that he designed were not more costly than a cup of tea. He further clarified that if the patrons were to divide the gym membership with the number of days, they’d arrive at a figure that surely isn’t more than what a good cup of tea would cost them per day.

how he via the SFW The Gym motivated his patrons to reach their fitness goals.

This was an interesting and relevant question as we often see people paying for the gym membership but not being regular in their quest for fitness.
he said that at SFW The Gym, their motto itself was Fitness with Fun! They celebrated each and every moment of their members and ensured that the gym felt like a more lively and friendly environment that feels as good as their fun school and college days. This would ensure a motivated attitude from all its members.

The news reporter, Miss Barkha Sharma, also mentioned that SFW the Gym had the unique feature of being a gym with a library. Mr. Manoj Rajput explained that since the concept of SFW The Gym is Fitness with Fun, they dared to introduce this completely different feature in their gyms.

what difficulties did they face when the gyms were forced to close down during the lockdown?

Mr. Manoj Rajput explained that those days seemed very tough. The entire fitness industry had come to a standstill and they had to make a lot of appeals to both, the State Government (Government of Gujarat) and the Central Government. They tried to reach out to both, the Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Vijay Rupani, with letters and appeals explaining how gym are actually important during these times when the people need to build a stronger immunity and be fit and healthy. He explained that it was enthralling to see his whole team of SFW The Gym standing together to let this difficult time pass.

Miss Barkha Sharma also pointed out that during this time of difficulty in the lockdown, Mr. Manoj Rajput also founded another venture with his team and asked him to throw some light on it.

Mr. Manoj Rajput informed that the venture that he and his team founded is called “Zuggu.” Zuggu was founded during the lockdown when our Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi motivated everyone to be self-sufficient (atma-nirbhar). Thinking that this would advance the National Propaganda of being Self Sufficient along with providing jobs for his team, the idea of Zuggu was conceived.

how Mr. Manoj Rajput balanced taste with food?

he informed that Zuggu was founded with the aim of being a healthy alternative to junk food by providing home-cooked meals. Zuggu is a place to get home-cooked meals that are freshly cooked, full of nutrients and exemplify a balanced diet.

how he wishes to proceed further with his enterprises?

he shared that it was their vision to have about 100 franchise outlets of Zuggu. He even shared that he envisioned exporting Zuggu first to other states of India, and gradually even abroad. For SFW The Gym, he shared that it already had its presence in quiet a hefty number in Gujarat, but now the aim was to start the chain even in other states of India.

In closing, Miss Barkha Sharma complimented Mr. Manoj Rajput for coming up with initiatives that focus on the health and fitness of the people and expressed how important physical fitness was in order to have a good mental fitness as well.

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